Supporting Entry Level RetailersWith Reliable Pick & Pack Services

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Pick and Pack Services

Our aim to is to provide you the client with a service that ensures your customer returns and then keeps returning. We can receive orders via EMAIL,CSV file, API and EDI thus making sure we are able to service the clients needs. We will store your products in locations dependant on the size and weight. We have both small pick face locations and large bulk location were full pallets can be stored and picked from.

Once the orders have been received into our Warehouse Management System ( Optima ) they will be processed through the warehouse. The order will be sent to one of our highly skilled operatives via the RF system and they will receive a prompt to enter the picking option on the hand held device. Once they commence picking and at every touch point of the product the product will be barcode scanned to ensure the correct product has been picked. We have full traceability of all orders all of the time and we can track back to see the operative who picked and packed the orders should any issues arise. We guarantee that our orders will be dispatched correctly 100 % of the time due to the bespoke way we have had our Warehouse Management System configured..When the picking is completed the order is passed through to the packing team and again its scanned so we continue with full traceability.

The packer then undertakes a blind pack so unless they have everything on the work station for the said order they are unable to complete the process and the Supervisor is alerted. Once the packing process is completed the orders are ready to ship via the postal service, courier or the pallets network. We work hand in hand with all the major parcel couriers and we distribute full pallets through The Pallet Network ensuring the most competitive rates. We have for your urgent orders our white glove same day service from our on site same day courier partner so you will never miss an order.


Our internal management systems make it impossible for our staff to pick the wrong order.


State of the art tracking systems means we know where your stock is at all time.

Supporting Entry Level Retailers

Some Order Fulfilment centres have a monthly minimum spend but we don’t. We want to work with the smaller retailers and help them grow and develop the business whilst knowing that the stock is in the right hands.

We know that taking the next step in the development of your business is a big one and we want you to be confident that you have made the right decision. We will offer a cost effective way to store and distribute your products and leave you stress free to build your business.

We pride ourselves on providing the best warehousing and fulfilment services. Our skilled personnel, utilising the latest scanning technology and tracking systems, combined with years of experience makes us your integrated supply chain solution!