Re-Work, Core Packing & Value Added Services

Custom packing services, including Re-work and Gift Set Solutions.

Bespoke Value Added Services​

MW Fulfilment work with our customers to develop customised packing solutions that meet their specific needs, including re-work and gift set solutions.

The goal of core packing is to ensure that the core components of a product are protected during transit and storage, and to make it easier to assemble the product when it reaches its final destination.

Core packing can be especially useful for products that have a large number of small or delicate components, or for products that require a specific order or arrangement for assembly.

MWF core packing services make use of specialised equipment and expertise to handle many different tyoes of products , and we collaborate with customers to develop bespoke packing solutions that meet their specific requirements.


Our internal management systems make it impossible for our staff to pick the wrong order.


State of the art tracking systems means we know where your stock is at all time.

Custom Gift Set Solutions

MWF Gift Set Packing Services typically handle all aspects of the packing process, from selecting and organising the individual items in the gift set, to assembling and packing the gift sets for shipment. We can also handle tasks such as labeling, barcoding, and quality control to ensure that the gift sets meet the required standards and specifications.

Gift set packing services can be especially useful for businesses that sell gift sets as a significant portion of their product line, as it allows them to outsource these tasks to a specialised provider and focus on other aspects of their operations.

MW Fulfilment have the equipment, expertise, and capacity to handle large volumes of gift sets efficiently and cost-effectively.

We pride ourselves on providing the best warehousing and fulfilment services. Our skilled personnel, utilising the latest scanning technology and tracking systems, combined with years of experience makes us your integrated supply chain solution!